Montag, Juli 07, 2014

I will miss you forever

Well, I am finally done with school. My last school day has actually been weeks ago and I already passed my final exams on the 26th of May. Our graduation ceremony and prom were held last Saturday and now I officially am a high-school graduate. Here you can see my Prom outfit by the way if you are interested. Actually I am quite sad that school is over especially because the last school year has been the best one ever, even though our exams were pretty tough. I definitely had the most fun, though and also our yearbook turned out quite awesome. 
I have been working a lot for the past couple of weeks and my summer will pretty much continue to consist of selling cake and brewing coffee. However, I will go to Paris on the 28th and my best friend and I have also booked flights to Thailand in the end of August. After our "survival tour" in England when I was 17, we thought we would travel a bit further to do some backpacking and if everything works out the way we want it to we also might be able to go to the "Full Moon Party". You really have no idea how excited I am.
If you have been following me for quite some time now, you might know that this is kind of how I tend to spend every summer and that I know how to keep myself busy with working, traveling, meeting friends, partying etc. Nonetheless this summer will also be a bit different because it is probably the last one I will spend in my hometown. Currently I am applying for universities (pretty much any Uni which offers a Bachelor regarding media). However, I am not quite sure if I should start studying right away. I probably will not get into a university in any bigger cities anyways because despite being quite intelligent I was extremely lazy throughout my whole school career, so my high school degree is definitely not as good as it could have been. I am telling you this because I know that there definitely are a lot of you who are in the same or in a similar situation and are probably stressing out over their future.  Just don't. We are extremely young and I guarantee you that we will all know what to do and where to go after this summer, so just enjoy your time off. ;) I honestly do not even care anymore if I will get a university placement this year. That used to be quite different but to be honest: It won't harm anyone if I will continue to work for a bit and then go traveling instead of going to university right away. Life is short and I think we should just enjoy it while we're here and see as much of the world as possible.

Übrigens habe ich mal wieder etwas aussortiert und mich auf Mädchenflohmarkt ausgetobt.

Montag, Juni 30, 2014

Amsterdam 2014


Sonntag, Juni 29, 2014

Holi Fulda

Mal ein paar trashige Fotos vom Holi.

Freitag, Juni 13, 2014

Show me colors of the sky

YSL Rouge Volupte Red Muse