Malina Sternberg is a 20 year old blogger, self-taught photographer and student from Fulda, Germany who started her Blog "Looking through a Camera Lens" in May, 2009. Her main interests are photography, fashion, makeup, music, good books and movies / TV shows and traveling which are reflected on this blog. 
Exploring the world is one of the greatest opportunities one can have, so she is eager to share these experiences and impressions with anyone who is interested. Besides that, Malina likes to spend time with her friends and enjoying life with a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a bit of self-irony. 
She started to capture moments and memories through the lenses of various cameras at the age of 13 and taught herself how to use a dslr when she was 15 by participating in online projects involving self-portaiture. This blog has also helped her with her interest in photography and will always remain an important project of her free time. 

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